Poultry Waste Management


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Poultry Practices: A Newsletter for Poultry Producers and Poultry Litter Applicators

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Poultry Litter Nutrient Management: A Guide for Producers and Applicators



Most Frequently Downloaded!

Broiler Production: Considerations for Potential Growers
Alternative Poultry Litter Storage Technique
Valuing Poultry Litter in Meeting Soil Fertility Requirements
Alum-treated Poultry Litter as a Fertilizer Source
Value of Animal Waste Calculator
How to Get a good Soil Sample
OSU Soil Test Interpretations
Sampling Animal Manure
What is Water Quality?
Managing Phosphorus from Animal Manure
Phosphorus Removal Structures 
E.coli: An Overview
Proper Disposal of Routine and Catastrophic Livestock & Poultry Mortality
On-Farm Mortality Composting of Livestock Carcasses


Calculating the Nutrient Value of Poultry Litter (Worksheet)
Calibration of Litter Spreading Trucks
Oklahoma Landfills Accepting Livestock & Poultry Mortalities
Oklahoma Rendering Facilities Accepting Livestock Mortalities
Livestock and Poultry Drinking Water Quality Brochure
Oklahoma's Poultry Waste Management Regulations
Senate Bill 92 changes to Oklahoma's Poultry Waste Management Education Program
Southern Region Nutrient Management Publications
USDA Web Soil Survey Overview

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