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Poultry Practices October 2018
Protecting Poultry Flocks from Darkling Beetles; Virulant Newcastle Disease; A Simple Look at Trade; Fertilizer Nutrient Contents in Poultry Litter
Poultry Practices March 2018
Avian Influenza Update; Interest Rate Outlook 2018; Tunnel Ventilation Fans: What You Need to Know; The Basics of Poultry Nutrition; Are There Weed Seeds in Broiler Litter?
Poultry Practices November 2016
Controlling Poultry Litter Pathogens on Antibiotic Free Farms, Poultry Drinking Water Quality, P Application Strategy Research: poultry Litter Nutrient Availability & Carryover, New Approaches for Avian Influenza mass Mortality Composting Key words: pathogens, antibiotic free, water quality, nutrient availability, avian influenza, composting
Poultry Practices Fall 2015
Mortality Management Options During an Avian Influenza Outbreak, Farm Biosecurity Crucial to Preventing Avian Influenza Outbreak, Preparing for Extended Out Times, New Site for the Oklahoma Litter Market Unveiled, What is Enterococcus cecorum? Keywords: avian influenza, biosecurity, disposal, composting
Poultry Practices Feb 2015
Improving Water Quality with Phosphorus Drainage Filters, GPS Guidance Systems for Pasture Applications, Estimating Sediment and P Loads from Streambanks, Phosphorus Application Strategy Research Update: Poultry Litter Nutrient Availability & Carryover. Keywords: phosphorus filter, GPS, streambanks.
Poultry Practices Oct 2014
Reducing Ammonia Losses from Poultry Litter: Storage and Application Strategies, Poultry House Ventilation Fan Maintenance and Energy Savings, Record Keeping for Poultry Litter Applicators. Keywords: ammonia, ventilation, nutrient management.
Poultry Practices Feb 2014
Phosphorus Declining in Illinois River,Nutrient Application Strategy Research Update,Laryngotracheitis (LT) Overview. Keywords: Eucha Spavinaw,watershed,Flint Creek,waste water treatment,Bermudagrass,fertilizer.
Poultry Practices Oct 2013
Differentiating Lameness in Broilers:Is It Really Kinky Back,Economic Effects of Fertilizing Cropland with Litter,What is Ahead for Poultry House Heating Costs,Litter Treatment Use to Conserve Energy,Testing and Preparing Houses for Wintertime Ventilation,Mobile Tools for Manure Applicators. Keywords: spondylolisthesis,enterococcal spondylitis,Enteroccoccus cecorum
Poultry Practices Feb 2013
Economic Impact of Oklahoma's Animal Production Industries,Alternative Energy Sources for Poultry Houses,Litter Beetle Management,Poultry Litter Value Update. Keywords:Alphitobius diaperinus,Salmonella,Campylobacter,windrowing,NPK
Poultry Practices Oct 2012
Poultry Litter vs. Commercial Fertilizer Study,Facts about Hormones and Beef,Bermudagrass Recovery Following Drought,Poultry Litter Tax Credit Reinstated. Keywords:Eastern Research Station,Haskell,forage,Bermudagrass,estrogenic.
Poultry Practices Mar 2012
Litter Management Strategies Impact Nutrient Content,Calibrating Poultry Litter Spreaders,Poultry Litter Nutrient Management Guide,Springtime Soil Sampling,South Korean Poultry Group Visits Oklahoma. Keywords:windrowing,caked-out.
Poultry Practices Nov 2011
Senate Bill 92 Changes to Oklahoma's Poultry Waste Management Program,Bovine Coccidiosis Not Linked to Poultry Litter or Wild Birds,Purchasing and Stockpiling Poultry Litter During Fall for Spring Application,Preventing Snow Collapsed Poultry Houses. Keywords:Eimeria,coccidia
Poultry Practices Mar 2011
E. coli Transport After Poultry Litter Application,Hormones and Poultry Debunked,Are There Weed Seeds in Poultry Litter. Keywords:Eastern Research Station
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